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U.B. Signs offers a wide variety of vacuum formed architectural finishes, textures, and details made from moulds that are in stock. We also offer a custom mould making vacuum service for special projects. The finishes and textures set out in this catalogue were selected to help designers and construction managers in the film, television, and display industries make the right choice and find economical solutions for their projects. All the moulds in this catalogue are regarded as in-house items, and as such, are available for immediate use.

Catalogue of Stock Molds

Please note that we're still organizing our molds so some image links will be broken.

1. Brickwork
      - Common Bricks
      - Head & Stretcher Bricks
      - Small Scale Bricks

2. Stonework
      - Block Work & Fitted Stone
      - Field Stone & Natural Stone

3. Architectural Finishes
      - Exterior Surfaces
      - Interior Surfaces

4. Decorative Surfaces & Textures
      - Metal Work
      - Millwork
      - Theme Panels
      - Textures

5. Tin Ceiling Panels & Moldings
      - Tin Ceiling Panels
      - Moldings

6. Details
      - General
      - Hemispheres
      - License Plates
      License plates can be vacuum-formed and finished
      to match the plates of any state, or province, old or
      new. For further information please call.